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This is the exact gif that comes to mind every time I think of le gaga now. I used to defend her up and down - "she's weird on purpose! the meat dress was a statement! she's really liberal! she used to be bulimic!" (btw let's not even talk about the time she had someone throw up on her in concert, because ART) Then… » 6/19/14 11:10am 6/19/14 11:10am

On a related note, I started re-watching OITNB yesterday in an effort to remember what happened, in case I decide to watch season 2, and I realized I'm in that show for EVERYONE except for Piper. How about a show just starring Laverne (and all the other cool bitches that show features)? » 6/04/14 8:02pm 6/04/14 8:02pm

FIRST: Let me say that this is the absolute perfect, life-affirming, sex-positive response to all the misogynistic bullshit Erin went through this week by having to watch PUAHate forums for hours on end. Don't let the haters get you down, ladies. Orgasms will save us all. » 5/31/14 12:54am 5/31/14 12:54am