Is it bad if I don't feel bad for people who choose to partake in this? If you're enough of a follower to join a sorority then that's your problem. Kazantsev is a mean girl. No wonder she won the pageant of the mean girls. Hazing, bad. Pageants, bad. Cool story. » 9/25/14 9:48pm 9/25/14 9:48pm

This is the exact gif that comes to mind every time I think of le gaga now. I used to defend her up and down - "she's weird on purpose! the meat dress was a statement! she's really liberal! she used to be bulimic!" (btw let's not even talk about the time she had someone throw up on her in concert, because ART) Then… » 6/19/14 11:10am 6/19/14 11:10am