The Mirena saga continues - got it 2 days ago and still feel crampy. Weird cramp happening on my right side. Is this normal? I'm so so paranoid that I've done something to dislodge it or make it go through my uterus. Terrifying.

GUYS I just got my IUD put in. After a long convo with the midwife doing the insertion, I decided to go with Mirena over Paragard. The process...well it sucked and it was scary and I cried a little after, but I did some yoga and took some pain meds and a xanax before, and I think all of that helped a lot. Also I…

Someone order me to stop watching Dr. Who so my brain doesn't fall out. I've blown through the first two series (of the reboot) in the past few days -I'm unemployed and bored and love love love David Tennant. Just watched the "Doomsday" ep and obviously cried.